Zion of Amor Provides More Than Just a Home For Cicelin Henry

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This year the group from Zion Lutheran Church of Amor, Battle Lake, MN, challenged each other and their congregation to raise enough money to build a house in Jamaica.  After meeting Cicelin Henry, they took on this challenge and more……….

Cicelin was living in Falmouth in a house that flooded easily and was not adequate for her needs.  As a result of being in an accident in which her daughter was killed, Cicelin was paralyzed from the waist down.  She was not able to use a wheelchair in her house so her neighbors and granddaughter had to carry her from a chair to her bed.



She spent her days in bed waiting for someone to help her.  Delzi Murray brought our group to meet her, a couple at a time, and we found a deep motivation for building her home.  Cicelin had great support from her neighbors during our time there because she was so beloved in the community.  She had been like a mother to many young people t here and they turned out to help build her new home.  Mission Jamaica was able to get her a new wheelchair and we raised money for medical expenses as well.  We are honored to have been a part of this experience and wish Cicelin God’s richest blessings in her new home!


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