Caring for Jamaicans~ Present and Past

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Contributed by Pastor Bonnie Wilcox, First Lutheran – Columbia Heights.

Sunday evening we heard about projects we could sign up to do this week. At the mention of a project at Clifton Boys’ Home (CBH), the ears of three women pastors perked up: “Work on tiling the graves of two Clifton boys at St. John’s Cemetery.”

Pastor Bonnie Wilcox of First Lutheran-Columbia Heights, Pastor Jenny Sung and Interim Pastor Caroline Keenan from St. Andrew’s-Mahtomedi answered the call. 

Working with Miss Mack (director of CBH), Joe, and two students, they placed tiles around the burial cover where a young student was laid to rest in 1995, in an unmarked, unadorned site. In 2014, another student died and was buried in the next plot, also unadorned and unmarked. 

This year, another #MissionJamaica team began tiling the two graves, and this week’s team completed the oldest grave. A supplier in Minnesota will prepare name plates.

The team of women pastors and their coworkers closed the day with the Lord’s Prayer, reading Psalm 23, and placing flowers on each site with a dedication prayer for each grave. 

We were called to work that honored the dead, but also gave a witness to the boys of CBH: we value you so much that we will walk beside you in this life, as well as watch over you when life ends. 

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