Montego Bay Area 

Westhaven Children’s Home – Volunteers have served at Westhaven each year since 1995. As a home to 81 handicapped children with varying degrees of abilities, Westhaven has need for on-going projects including gardening, construction, sewing, caring for the children, and assisting the Westhaven staff.

J’ABODE (formerly Habitat for Humanity) – There’s always work to be done for housing. Digging footings, pouring concrete, and tying steel reinforcement are some of the tasks MJ does. Missionaries work side by side with the future homeowners.

Copse Basic School – Preschool up to kindergarten, daycare and child development center. MJ will perform classroom ministry, puppet ministry and Bible school.

Riverside Basic School – Part of the Church of the Open Bible, Riverside has 102 children, ages 3-6 years. MJ will be providing child development curriculum, and make capital improvements to the facility.

St. John’s Medical Clinic – Part of St. John’s Methodist Church. This facility serves the Montego Bay area providing free medical and dental health care.

Garland Hall Orphanage – 24 orphans call Garland Hall home. Garland Hall needs exterior repairs. MJ will be assisting the staff with caring for the children as well.

Kingston Area

Hope Valley Experimental School – This was MJ’s first service site in 1990. It is the only school in the Caribbean that incorporates children with special needs into the classroom and serves over 1200 students. Projects here have included painting, building/remodeling, and classroom activities with the children.

Penwood Medical Clinic – The Seventh Day Adventist Church administers Penwood Clinic. MJ has sent doctors, nurses, therapists, dentists and dental hygienists here since 1993. Hundreds of patients are examined and treated with no cost to them during an MJ week.

Callaloo Mews Basic School – Children 3-5 years old come from the community to attend this school whose principal is a long-time partner of MJ. MJ is working on improving this facility with paint and constructing classrooms and an office.

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