Copse Basic School – A Basic School in Jamaica is similar to a preschool with 3-5 year-olds. All children are required to attend Basic School. However, transportation, cost of uniforms, and the inability to pay for lunch may cause parents to hold their children back. 20 children attended in 2013, with increasing numbers in 2014.

Site Location -Copse Basic School is located next to West Haven Children’s Home, 45 minutes from our hotel. Teams going to Copse Basic School can also serve at West Haven Childrens Home.

What we do-Mission Jamaica missionaries are able to provide classroom assistance, VBS type activities, and help with maintenance issues such as painting. A fresh coat of paint inside and out, ABC stenciling on the outside walkway, and several maintenance items of the building are planned for our teams

“In A Second Suitcase” packing list–
Pre-School classroom aids
White boards, white board books and markers
Lined and construction paper, markers, pencils, pens
Kitchen pots and supplies (for classroom lunch)
Wall clocks

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